Your Constitution 8

Find Your Constitution

For each characteristic, classify as V, P or K. While answering the questions, try to consider how things were in your childhood (as early as you can remember), not based on your current condition.

Characteristic V P K Vata Pitta Kapha
Physical Structure Slim, slender Medium build Large, well-built
Weight Light Medium Heavy
Skin Thin, dry, cold, rough, Smooth, oily, warm, Thick, moist, cold,
freckled, acne soft, smooth
Complexion Darkish, dull Pinkish, ruddy, White, pale
Face shape Oval, narrow Triangular, sharp Large, round, soft
contours contours
Hair Thin, dry, straight, Moderate thickness, Thick, curly, lustrous,
brown, black, dandruff gray, red, balding, oily black, all colors
Nails Thin, dry, rough, brittle Flexible, pink, lustrous Large, thick, smooth,
white, oily
Voice Low, weak, hoarse Sharp, loud, high pitch Deep, good tone
Eyes Small, dry, sunken, Medium, sharp, Big, beautiful, calm,
unsteady bright, piercing attractive, lustrous
Nose Uneven shape, Long, pointed, Short, rounded
deviated septum red nose-tip button nose
Teeth Big, protruding teeth, Medium teeth, Healthy white teeth,
thin gums tender gums strong gums
Cheeks Wrinkled, sunken Smooth, flat Rounded, plump
Chin Thin, angular Tapering Rounded, double
Lips Thin, dry, darkish Medium, soft, reddish Large, oily, pale
Neck Thin, tall Medium Big, folded
Chest Flat, sunken Moderate Expanded, rounded
Hands and fingers Small, thin, dry, cold, Medium, warm, pink, Large, thick, cool,
rough, unsteady, moist, medium, firm, stocky fingers
long, thin fingers pointed fingers
Belly Thin, flat, sunken Moderate Big, potbellied
Hips Thin, slender Moderate Big, heavy
Joints Cold, cracking Moderate Large, lubricated
Legs Thin, prominent joints Medium Large, stocky
Speech Rapid, inconsistent, Definitive, convincing, Slow, monotonous,
excessive argumentative minimal
Appetite Variable, scanty Strong, unbearable Slow, steady
Digestion Irregular, tendency to Quick, tendency to Slow, tendency to
have gas problems. have reflux, heartburn form mucus
Taste preference Sweet, sour, salty Sweet, bitter, Bitter, pungent,
(when healthy) astringent astringent
Thirst Changeable Surplus Sparse
Elimination Constipation, dry, Diarrhea, loose, Well formed, sluggish,
may skip days multiple times a day regular – once a day
Physical Activity Hyperactive, unsteady, Moderate, precise, Sedentary, steady,
in bursts goal-seeking relaxed
Mental Activity Always active Moderate Dull, slow
Emotions Anxiety, fear, Anger, hate, jealousy, Calm, greedy,
uncertainty, flexible determination attachment
Intellect Quick but tend to give Accurate response Slow, exact
faulty response
Sleep Interrupted, scanty, Little but sound sleep, Deep and prolonged
tend to have insomnia may wake up and fall sleep, difficulty
and wake up 2-3am back to sleep waking up
Dreams Quick, active, many, Fiery, violent, war, Few, lakes, snow,
fearful passionate, vivid romantic
Stamina Low, poor endurance Medium Strong endurance
Hobbies Traveling, dancing, Sports, politics Nature walks, reading
running, aerobics gardening.
Weather Enjoy warm, humid Enjoy cool weather Enjoy dry, warm
preference weather weather
Immunity Weak immune system, Moderate immunity Strong immunity
Disorder tendency Pain, arthritis, mental Infections, fevers Respiratory disorders
disorders, nervous inflammatory mucus, swelling,
system disorders disorders water retention

Steps to find your constitution:

  1. Count the total number of V, P and K from the above.
  2. Find the one with the smallest points e.g. if you got 22 V, 14 P and 2 K, then 2 is the one with the least points.
  3. Divide each number by 2 i.e. 22/2 is 11 V, 14/2 is 7 P and 2/2 is 1 K.
  4. Total is 11 V, 7 P and 1 K i.e. this person is a VP or vata-pitta type.