You are the Healer

  You are the Healer! You – not your doctor, not your counselor, not your herbalist, not your spiritual guru, not your yoga therapist, not your Ayurvedic practitioner – but, you, are your own healer. The role of a doctor, counselor, guru, therapist etc. is that of a guide or […]

5 Ayurvedic Daily Practices to adopt this New Year

A new year brings with it renewed goals, renewed hope, and renewed vigor to actualize those goals. Whether your goals are weight related, beauty related or just plain health related, Ayurveda has answers for you and offers solutions that actually work! But, if you are new to this vast, amazing, […]

Definition of Health in Ayurveda

“Health” is a very multi-faceted concept in Ayurveda. A person whose annual blood work is excellent with no red flags whatsoever, may not be considered healthy, per Ayurveda. So, what is perfect health in Ayurveda? Sama dosha, sama agnischa, sama dhatu, malakriya | Prasanna atma, indriya manaha, swastha ithiabhiyathe || […]