Rasam (Clear Lentil Soup)

Rasam is a soupy, tangy South Indian dish that is widely considered to be a good digestive aid. The most typical ingredients used in this are black pepper, cumin, tamarind/lemon/tomatoes. Rasam may be enjoyed as is like a soup before starting a meal or can be mixed with rice and ghee.



Kidney Beans - Veggies Italian Soup - Closeup

Kidney Beans Vegetable Soup

Fresh vegetables that are sauteed in soft butter, seasoned with Italian herbs and served with hardy, cooked kidney beans, makes for a wholesome, soothing and healthy lunch. The best part is, this simple soup is ready within minutes!


Root Vegetables Chili Lime Soup

Root Vegetables Soup

Root vegetable soup is a sweet, tangy, spicy soup made with root vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes and potatoes, cooked with a delicious blend of simple herbs and ground to a nice flowing consistency.

Buckwheat-Barley Soup

Buckwheat Barley Soup

A hearty soup filled with the goodness of vegetables and whole grains and delicately flavored with digestive spices that add to the taste and healthfulness of this dish. A no frills one dish meal that can be enjoyed with a fresh salad or light sandwich on a spring day.


Chhilka Moong Lentil Soup

Mung Soup

This high-fiber mung soup is a complete meal with hearty vegetables and protein-rich, easy-to-digest mung lentils with peel, seasoned and cooked to perfection.




Barley Lentil Soup

Barley Lentil Soup

Barley lentil soup is a great summer soup and a complete meal in itself. Made using fresh in-season vegetables, cooked barley and whole lentils (masoor) in a mild, flavorful broth with hints of mint, lemon and coriander, this soup can be a simple, yet delicious addition to your summer cooking!

Sprouts 'n Tomato Soup - Closeup

Sprouts ‘n Tomato Soup

A bowl of this sweet, tangy, all-natural soup with a tomato-onion broth base, coupled with steamed mung sprouts, asparagus stems, carrots and pasta will leave you satisfied, yet craving for more!




Fall Soup - Close Up

Fall Soup

A deliciously simple blend of root vegetables, leafy greens and water-rich vegetables, and spices, this fall soup is a win-win recipe for all ages!

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