Rice Recipes


Chinese Fried Rice

Chop up a few vegetables, cook some long grained rice, add some seasonings and voila, Chinese fried rice is done! Simple, tasty, nutritious and versatile (goes with a wide variety of gravy accompaniments), Chinese fried rice can transform a simple dinner menu into a treat!


Yogurt Rice

One word that comes to mind when I think of yogurt rice – comfort food – okay, two words :)! Yogurt rice is simple, filling, easy-to-digest and delicious soul food. Very versatile – it can be had as is with just yogurt and rice or garnished to make it an exquisite treat.

Fried Rice - Brown - No Sauce

Brown Rice Fried Rice

My kids love Chinese food, but I dislike using the ready store-bought sauces that are typically needed for making it due to their high sodium, oil and preservative content. This brown rice fried rice is made using absolutely no sauces, but is still delicious and flavorful!

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