Kids Lunch & Snack Box

Kids Lunch & Snack Box

Here are a series of kids lunch & snack box ideas that I am in the process of compiling.


School Lunch - Quesadillas


Day 1 – Quesadillas & Salad; Puffed Rice & Date Bar

Recipe Link for Quesadillas

Recipe Link for Date Bars


School Lunch - Sprout Paneer Rice

Day 2: Sprout Paneer Pulao & Boondi Raitha with Okra fry and Cucumber Coins; Potato Chips & Nan Khatai

Recipe Link for Sprout Paneer Pulao

Recipe Link for Nan Khatai


School Lunch - Chickpea Kebab Roll

Day 3: Chickpea Kebab Rolls & Salad; Pinwheels & Roasted Sunflower Seeds

Recipe Link for Chickpea Kebab Rolls


School Lunch - Sevai

Day 4: Lemon Rice Noodles/Sevai & Brown Chana Salad; Date Bars and Boondi

Recipe Link for Sevai

Recipe Link for Brown Chana Salad

Recipe Link for Date Bars


School Lunch - Paneer Wrap


Day 5: Paneer Wraps & Salad; Ginger Snaps & Ganthia

Recipe Link for Paneer Wraps


School Lunch - Brown Rice Pasta in White Sauce

Day 6: Brown Rice Pasta in Homemade White Sauce & Stir-Fry; Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies & Boondi

Recipe Link for Brown Rice Pasta in White Sauce


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