Gravy Recipes


Sambhar (using ready masala)

Sambhar (spiced lentil gravy) is almost a daily staple in most South Indian homes. It is traditionally eaten with rice, but is also a great accompaniment to dosas (crepes), idlis (rice cakes) and such South Indian snack/tiffin items. It is very versatile and combines well with a variety of vegetables. Tangy, aromatic, satisfying, easy to digest and simple to make, sambhar is truly a culinary feat! This particular version is particularly easy and quick to make since it requires no grinding of spices. The spice mix can be pre-ground or store bought and safely used for a few months if stored well (under dry and cool conditions).

Sindhi Kadhi - Cup of Rice

Sindhi Kadhi

Sindhi kadhi is a complete, well-balanced, and satisfying one-pot meal that is loaded with fresh vegetables, cooked in a hardy gram flour and tomato based gravy, with hints of the exotic kokum fruit for sourness and a delicate blend of spices from all six tastes to enhance the healthfulness, taste and aroma of this beautiful dish!

Pumpkin Pachadi

Pumpkin Pachadi

Squash/Pumpkin cooked in a tangy coconut-mustard seeds-green chilly gravy.


Tofu and Peppers in Gravy

This is a gravy dish that is a versatile accompaniment to Chinese Fried Rice, Chinese noodles, plain brown or white rice. Bursting with authentic flavor, it is a healthful, less oily and hearty alternative to the traditionally popular Gobi/Cauliflower Manchurian and Vegetable Manchurian, that is still the most widely used gravy accompaniment for Indian Chinese rice and noodle dishes.




Milagu Kozhambu

Milagu Kuzhambu

“Milagu kuzhambu” is a digestive tangy-sweet-spicy dish made with spices like pepper, cumin, fenugreek, asafetida, tamarind and jaggery – scrumptious and medicinal!




chana masala

Chana Masala

This chana masala is made using fresh, whole spices and absolutely no ready spice mixes. You will love the depth of flavor and delectable aroma of the end product. After making chana masala this way, I have never used the store-bought spice mix ever again!

Mor Kuzhambu

Nendram Pazham Mor Kuzhambu (Sweet Plantains in Coconut-Buttermilk Gravy)

Known by many names, Mor Kozhambu, Kadhi, Majjige Huli, Pulisseri, Majjiga Pulusu, this is tantalizingly tasty, exotic soul food at its best. This particular dish made with nendram pazham or ethapazham (sweet, ripe, longer type of banana), is a specialty of Kerala. This is also one of my mom’s recipes. In fact, I had the good fortune of being with her during a recent trip to India, during which she cooked and I clicked and ate :).

Keerai Mollagootal

Keerai Mollagootal

A delectable kuzhambu made of greens and split green mung lentils (without peel) with a ground coconut-red chilly-cumin gravy.




Arachuvitta Sambhar

Arachuvitta Sambhar

Arachauvitta Sambhar has a unique flavor that its counterpart made with ready powder cannot claim to have. Toasted whole spices and coconut that are added as a ground paste impart a depth of taste, aroma and flavor that becomes the signature for this delectable dish that goes well with rice as well as rotis or dosas/idlis etc.

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