Chapati/Roti (Indian flat bread) is a staple accompaniment to other foods like curries, dhals etc. It is traditionally made out of whole wheat flour, but can be made with other grains like white millet (jowar) or pearl millet (bajra). The rotis made out of millet are called bhakris.

Wheat-Veggie Quesadillas

Wheat Quesadillas

Wheat tortillas come together with broccoli, carrots, zucchini, shallots and golden melted cheese to make these visually appealing, taste-bud tickling, strong bones building, nutritious wheat quesadillas! A great kiddie lunch box idea, that will be a sure shot success for mommy and kiddie :).

Paratha - Other side

Whole Wheat Parathas

Parathas are a traditional type of Indian flatbread, made from whole wheat. They are similar to rotis/chapatis/phulkas, with the key difference being in the technique used to roll out the bread.





Tofu-Kale Paratha Wraps - Top View

Tofu-Kale Paratha Wraps

Tofu-kale/spinach paratha wraps are a creative way to include tofu into your diet, if you don’t enjoy its taste and texture, but still want to enjoy its health benefits every once in a while. The parathas can be served as is or as an Aachari ‘n Crunchy Lettuce Wrap, or just with some jam/jelly.





Black Bean Veggie Rolls

Black Bean Veggie Wrap

This black bean veggie wrap recipe makes for a hearty, delicious, and complete meal. With the goodness of spiced black beans, roasted cauliflower and zucchini, and topped with a tangy, crunchy cucumber-avocado-tomato salsa, all wrapped in a homemade wheat tortilla roll, these wraps are a healthy treat!

hi-fi pizza

High Fibre Pizzas

Packed with nutrition and flavor are these high fiber mini pizzas that take some effort to make, but are so worth it! With the goodness of greens like spinach and fenugreek, the heartiness of millet and kidney beans and the tanginess of the cucumber, carrot, tomato salad, this is a visual and culinary treat.


Bread Pockets - Golden Brown

Bread Pockets

Golden brown crunchy bread enclosing a savory, spicy and satisfying potato filling – bread pockets are comforting, filling, easy to make and delicious all at once!




Paneer-Kale Frankie - Rolls without Foil

Paneer-Kale Frankie Rolls

The filling is made of chunks of soft paneer (fresh cheese) marinated overnight in a delicate blend of spices in yogurt, paired with a zesty onion-tomato base, and finally topped off with some versatile, healthful, green kale (or spinach) leaves. Instead of the traditional all-purpose flour (maida) outer cover, I made golden brown, whole wheat parathas, drizzled with yummy ghee (clarified butter).


Mixed Vegetable Besan Paratha - With Pickle

Mixed Vegetable & Besan Paratha or Cutlets

A medley of colorful vegetables blends in seamlessly with bengal gram flour and spices to create the stuffing for this soft, luscious, and utterly scrumptious paratha, that makes for a complete meal in itself.


Veggie Bean Fajitas

Try out our veggie bean fajitas for those days when you are in the mood for some bean-filled, tangy, crunchy and healthful Tex-Mex goodness. Easy to assemble and a complete mini-meal in itself, the veggie bean fajita is a great lunch idea for a relaxed spring weekend day at home with family.



Tofu Paratha - Cut

Tofu Parathas

Whether you love tofu or absolutely hate it, here’s a recipe that will tickle your interest and your tastebuds :). Luscious tofu, crumbled and cooked with shallots, mixed with fresh, crunchy lettuce makes for a delicious filling inside a wheat paratha.


Fun Roll-Ups - Top View

Multicolored Fun Roll-Ups

Made using whole-wheat flour, the outer covering has been “colored” using natural ingredients like carrots (orange) and spinach (green). The filling consists of a kidney bean paste, crunchy vegetables like cucumbers and lettuce, roasted paneer with a final sprinkle of tangy chaat masala.


Multigrain Bread Loaf

A homemade multigrain bread loaf is such a soul-satisfying experience – from baking it to serving and savoring it in different recipes! This simple loaf is made using different grains like wheat, oats, jowar/sorghum/white millet and bajra/pearl millet in an easy recipe that creates a soft, tasty and rustic bread that you will love serving to your friends and family.

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