Aam Ka Panna

Aam ka Panna is a flavorful, cooling, digestive drink that is best enjoyed in the heat of summer. This particularly simple recipe manages to combine an amazingly simple mix of healthful herbs and spices like mint leaves, cumin, and black salt to tantalize your every taste bud and promise to leave you feeling refreshed, light and guilt-free after drinking a sweet treat!


Strawberry Panna

Strawberry Panna

Strawberry panna is a sweet, tangy, salty, spiced drink made using fresh strawberries, lemon, jaggery, cardamom, rock salt, and black pepper.





Amla-Mint Shikanji

Indian Gooseberry Drink

The very versatile Ayurveda super food, Indian gooseberry a.k.a. amla/amalaki comes together with mint/pudina, cumin, pepper, sugar and Himalayan pink salt to make this tantalizing summer thirst quencher, which is as healthful as it is delicious!

Spice-Infused Date Almond Milk

Spice-Infused Date Almond Milk

Date almond milk is a warm, naturally sweet, and nourishing beverage, infused with aromatic cardamom, digestive ginger and flavorful cinnamon to perfection! A perfect fall/winter drink!






Herb & Nut Spiced Milk

Herb-Infused Spiced Milk

This flavorful and aromatic spiced milk recipe is as nutritious as it is delicious. Herbs like fresh mint leaves, ginger, lemon grass, saffron and cinnamon infused in a warm milk blended with soaked cashew nuts makes for a nourishing and satisfying drink. This is a great drink for kids in lieu of the store-bought powders that are predominantly made of sugar these days!

Digestive Smoothie - Collage

Digestive Smoothie

This digestive smoothie combines fresh fruit with digestive spices to make a tantalizingly beautiful, tasty and healthy treat for the body, mind and soul!






Kokum Juice

Kokum Juice

A perfect thirst quencher and cooler during the hot summer months, kokum juice is a tangy, sweet, robustly flavored digestive drink that doubles up as an exotic drink that you can serve to wow your guests and also as a therapeutic drink with a truckload of health benefits!

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