Guacumber and Guacarrot

GuaCarrot      Guacumber

Guacumber and Guacarrot are both healthy appetizers made with fresh cucumber or carrot circles, topped with fresh guacamole.


  • Carrots or cucumbers
  • Avocadoes
  • Lemon/lime juice
  • Salt
  • Tomatoes (optional)
  • Onions (optional)
  • Coriander leaves (optional)


  • Cut the carrots and/or cucumbers into circles (keep them as thin or thick as you want them to be).
  • Peel avocadoes and mash them using a fork.
  • Add lemon/lime juice, salt and optionally finely chopped tomatoes, onions and coriander leaves into the mashed avocadoes. Mix well. Your guacamole is ready.
  • Top the carrot and cucumber circles with a dollop of guacamole and serve immediately.

Tastes (Rasa):

Sweet (carrot), sour (lemon/lime), salty (salt), bitter (coriander leaves), pungent (onions), astringent (cucumber).

Doshic Influence:

Raw vegetables, in excess, are hard to digest and tend to aggravate vata. But raw cucumbers and carrots are actually good in moderation – they are relatively easier to digest than other raw vegetables like spinach and other greens. Also, cucumbers are very hydrating and cooling and great for pittas. Carrots are fiber-rich and filled with beta-carotene that is helpful for the skin and eyes, among its numerous benefits. Avocadoes are slightly heavy and are considered to be slightly tamasic, in Ayurveda. In moderation, they are fine. Lemon and salt act as digestives and taste enhancers to this dish. Kaphas may consider adding a small quantity of green chillies.

Effects on the Mind (Gunas):

If consumed fresh, guacumber and guacarrot is refreshing, hydrating and nourishing. Since this is a raw dish, it is slightly difficult to digest, when consumed in excess and can become heavy(tamasic) or even cause flatulence and hence make the mind restless and stimulated (rajasic).



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