Onion Pakoras

The humble onion pakora is as popular as it is easy to make. It can be served as a tea-time snack or even as an appetizer for a dinner or lunch party. Finely sliced onions, coated with chickpea batter infused with carom seeds, asafetida and chilli flakes, onion pakoras make for a very tasty treat.

Oats-Paneer Lollipop - Closeup

Oats ‘n Paneer Lollipops

Oats ‘n Paneer Lollipops is the ultimate culinary celebration of the union of soft, crumbly paneer and hardy, fiber-rich oats, against a colorful backdrop of a medley of vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, bottle gourd and coriander leaves. Delicately spiced to perfection and served to please all the five senses, this dish is a winner all the way!

Omapodi - Close Up


Omapodi is a thin noodle/sev like savory made out of gram flour and carom seeds (ajwain) – a very potent and digestive spice, with a wonderful aroma.





Batata Wada (Non fried)

Batata Vada (using appam pan)

Batata vada without deep frying is a guilt-free twist to its traditional deep fried predecessor that is made with spiced potato balls, coated with gram flour batter.



Raw Banana Cutlets

Raw Banana Cutlet

Try this raw banana cutlet recipe for a guilt-free, scrumptious, onion and garlic free treat! Even kids who are not fans of plantains will surely devour these up in no time. Best of all, these are super easy to make!

Saboodana Wada Final

Sabudana Vada (Pearl Sago Fritters)

Sinful, delicious and universally loved, you can never go wrong with sabudana vada (pearl sago fritters). Just remember to soak the pearl sago (sabudana) for a few hours and you have a scrumptious snack that can be prepared within minutes.

Sprouts-Kale Tikki - With Dip

Sprouts-Kale (Sprouts Spinach) Tikkis

Sprouts-Kale Tikkis can magically turn the unpretentious, albeit nutritious mung sprouts into a fancy, delectable treat! Combined with the goodness of kidney beans, kale, carrots, zucchini, potatoes and flavorful spices, these tikkis make for a power-packed lunch for the kids too.



Soya Veggie Balls - Close Up

Soya Veggie Balls

Soya Veggie Balls are the blissful union of colorful vegetables and greens with high protein soya granules in an attractive, healthful and power-packed form.






Wheat-Jowar Spiced Crackers

High-Fiber Savory Crackers

These wheat and millet crackers make for a great guilt-free, tea-time snack that is refined flour free!

Chickpeas-Vegetable Kebabs

Chickpea Veggie Kebabs

Chickpea Veggie Kebabs are a high protein, high fiber, all natural, delicious treat! Serve them as appetizers with a mint chutney dip or as the patty inside a burger with crunchy lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, or as the filling inside a whole wheat roti roll for your kids lunch box! These are sure to be a healthy, yummy hit, whichever way you choose to serve them.

Thenkuzhal - Close Up


“Thenkuzhal”, a popular South Indian deep-fried snack, literally means “tubes of honey”. Made out of rice and urad flour, with hints of cumin and asafetida, thenkuzhal is a hit among kids and adults alike!



Mung Falafel - Closeup

Mung Falafel

Mung falafels add an Ayurvedic twist to this popular Middle-Eastern food, that is originally made using chickpeas or fava beans. Paired with hummus and some freshly chopped cucumber, these healthy shallow-fried versions of falafels will tantalize your every sense – visually appealing, appetizing, aromatic and oh-so-delicous – and absolutely guilt-free too!

Ragda Patties

High Fiber Ragda Patties

These ragda patties add a healthful twist to the traditional all-potato patties, while still retaining all that awesome flavor, authenticity and appeal of this Mumbai street favorite, making it an appetizing snack or even a complete meal in itself.

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