Home Remedies

Home Remedies

Here, you will find simple Ayurvedic home remedies for common ailments that you, your family members or friends may face. Most of the remedies are using ingredients available in your kitchen. We have tried to co-relate the ailment to the particular dosha┬áthat may be aggravated to give further insight from an Ayurvedic perspective. In some cases, lifestyle dos and don’ts are also mentioned.

Many a time, we just pop a pill for simple ailments. Most of these pills focus on relieving only the symptom of the disease. Also, needless to say, these pills contain chemicals that we needn’t subject our bodies to. Instead, if we can find a simple remedy from healthful herbs and spices that are easily available in our kitchens, we can in many cases, address even the root cause of the ailment. For example, honey with black pepper and ginger juice is a home remedy that is very effective for coughs associated with a lot of phlegm/mucus. The honey provides a protective coating in the throat and provides instant relief from the coughing. The pungency of the ginger and black pepper help increase the heat in the body to fight the excess mucus production that is after all a kapha (cold) aggravation. An OTC cough syrup wouldn’t provide us with these healthful benefits.

That being said, depending on the urgency of the situation and the extent of the ailment, one has to make a call if a visit to a health professional is in order. In some situations, administering home remedies is relevant. In some situations, it is simply advisable to move on and seek professional help. We do hope that you are able to make that call and that this information is useful to you in appropriate situations. Please read our terms of use for further details on how to use our website.

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