Ayurveda Basics

The goal of this website is to bring Ayurveda to you in a simple and practical manner that is relevant to modern living. With diet and lifestyle related ailments on the rise in an alarmingly rapid manner, it is becoming more than apparent that we need to change our outlook and view our health as being in our own hands. We need to see that health and medicine is not about popping a bunch of pills or eating only raw foods or avoiding oil.

Health is about understanding our individual mind-body type and tailoring our diet and lifestyle to keep our basic nature in balance. Health in Ayurveda is about keeping the digestive fire balanced, since it is believed that most diseases begin with an imbalanced digestion. Furthermore, health is not just about physical health – mental and spiritual health are also of utmost importance.

The Introduction to Ayurveda section touches upon some core concepts that will build a basic foundation necessary to help you better navigate this website and use the information in a relevant, personalized manner. Your Constitution consists of a questionnaire that will tell you what your basic mind-body type or constitution is. Once you know what your individual mind-body make-up is, you can tailor your daily routines, seasonal routines, diet and lifestyle in a more informed and relevant manner. Ayurvedic Nutrition talks about some core concepts regarding nutrition, tastes in food etc. Ayurvedic Routines gives an overview about what is considered an ideal daily routine and how to tailor routines based on seasonal changes.

These links will give the Ayurveda basics to help you use the rest of the site better.

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